Of Earthships and Straw Bales

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Box Columns
Bond Beam
Posts and Corbels
Beams and Trusses
Window Bucks
Walls and Windows

Bond Beam

The first microlam ( bond beam) goes up. It sits on top of the box columns, The roof trusses will sit level with the microlam (bond beam).

The microlam (perimeter bond beam) is installed and runs completely around the upper perimeter of the house. It is attached to the box columns by column caps.

Box Column Details
We have had many people ask about the details of the box columns. Click here for details on how they are constructed.
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The menu at left lists the components of the houses as they are being built. If you start with Foundations and click on each button under it, you will see the houses going up in sequence from start to current status.
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