Of Earthships and Straw Bales

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About Us

People wonder who we are and how we got here. Basically, we are three physically disabled folks who needed shelter that we could afford. We decided to build houses we could live in and live with, bought some land and moved to New Mexico. (sorta sounds like the Beverly Hillbillies doesn't it?)

We have done all the work ourselves, with the exception of having the foundations dug out, the concrete delivered for the foundations, and the septic systems installed. We have had some help from friends, family and interested folks from time to time and have met some wonderful people along the way.

Many of our decisions around building have had to do with climate and our limited physical abilities. We went with flat roofs because there was no way we could handle pitched roof trusses. We hope that with an average of 6 inches of precipitation a year, good craftsmanship and plenty of porches and sunrooms all around the house this will be ok.

We are living in small travel type trailers as we build. It has been interesting to say the least, causing us to learn to live with fewer material possessions than we previously had. The weather has been the biggest hurdle in both building and living. It is very windy here, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Not much of the year is conducive to being outside working. We are looking forward to getting the exteriors buttoned up so we can work inside.

That's about all the interesting details regarding our merry band. We hope you enjoy the web site!

Box Column Details
We have had many people ask about the details of the box columns. Click here for details on how they are constructed.
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The menu at left lists the components of the houses as they are being built. If you start with Foundations and click on each button under it, you will see the houses going up in sequence from start to current status.
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We have been making doors. Click
here to to see the latest.




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