Of Earthships and Straw Bales

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Links and Resources
Straw Bale Links:
Surfin' Strawbale Everything you ever needed to know about building with bales.

The Last Straw The quarterly news journal of up-to-date information and resources on straw-bale construction and natural building. Highly recommended.

Straw Bale House Structural Components Or, how do you put these things together?

Sustainable Building Sourcebook on Straw Bale Construction.

David Bainbridge's Slides on Straw Bale Construction

House of Straw Department of Energy's report on Straw Bale Housing and demonstration project at Ganado.

The Hay Exchange A free database of straw and hay for sale. Check what is available in your area.

New Mexico Codes for Straw Bale New Mexico Straw Bale Construction Guidelines.

Earthship Links:

Solar Survival Architecture Plans and other material relating to Earthships. Solar Survival is the home on the web of Michael Reynolds and staff, who this concept originated with.

Earthship Information some great photos and links.


The Straw Bale discussion group is a good place to find both seasoned bale builders and folks who are just starting out. Join by clicking here or visit the site directly.

Printed materials that we found essential (for both technical information and inspiration!) are books. The first one,
 "The Straw Bale House" by Steen, Steen, Bainbridge & Eisenberg has been very helpful and has great color photos of completed Straw Bale homes - it also has many black and white photos, line drawings, and tons of how-to information.

The second is a series of books by Michael Reynolds, Earthships, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, the seminal works on rammed earth tire homes. Lots of information on becoming self-sustaining,  living off the grid, harvesting rain water, and building techniques. A newer book titled "Comfort In Any Climate" is also a good introduction.


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