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Above, the roof decking with coatings applied in places. The roof decking is 5/8 inch sheets of OSB (Oriented Strand Board - similar to plywood). The seams and areas where the water drains are sealed with reinforcement fabric and Elasto-Seal a rubber roof coating we applied with a brush. The Elasto-Seal is the black substance, and the white area is the reinforcement fabric that goes with it. On top of those two substances we applied Snow Roof, a rubberized plastic, liquid roof coating. The roof pitch is 1/4 inch per foot.

This photos shows the roof in three of it's stages. The Snow Roof is the white strip along the left of the photo, the black strip on the right is roofing paper, and the light grey in the middle is the rolled roofing material.

This is the completed roof. The dark spot in the middle is one of the canales where the water drains out.

Box Column Details
We have had many people ask about the details of the box columns. Click here for details on how they are constructed.
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